A holiday in the countryside should have the qualities: freedom, peace, fresh air, healthy food and the chance to take part in different activities. This is exactly what we can offer: the most hidden places, caves and trails, accompanied by donkeys or on foot; cooking classes to discover the secrets of one of the most popular cuisines in the world: that of Sicily.


    Through natural paths, hillside and paths, we’ll cross the Iblei, telling you about the history of our civilization, the settlements, the species of flora and fauna that make our region one of the most beautiful of the island


    Thanks to the cultural association “Giarratana on the WAY” you will be able to know and appreciate the territory of Giarratana and all the cultural, natural and culinary treasures it contains. You will feel part of the beauty and the composure of our little village, not for nothing known as “Pearl of the Iblei”.

    Lake tour and lunch

    The dam of Santa Rosalia, 5 kilometres away from our home, can be visited on foot, by bike or by car. If you are provided with regular licenses for fishing in inland waters, you can also fish Carp, Bass and Pike Lake. Lunch will be done on a “Cliff” on the Lake.

    Harvesting olives and pressing in the mill

    From October to December we will organize the olive harvest and milling. It will be an extraordinary experience to see, from that green fruit, hand-picked, one of the most extraordinary products of our land: extra virgin olive oil “D.O.P. Monti Iblei”.
    Raccolta olive

    Harvesting of Onion of Giarratana

    It is one of the most valuable products of the whole area, for the mere fact that is unique to sweetness and size and because its production is limited to only two months: July and August. We will try to collect this fruit of the Earth: it will be an unforgettable experience.
    Cipolla di Giarratana

    Preparation of bread and “Focacce”

    The art of baking has always characterised Sicilian housewives: for this we will teach you to knead the dough, with the products of our land and our garden, to bake these delicious treats in the oven of the “Dimora dell’olio” and then enjoy the consummation of these products.

    Visit to the farm and Cheese production

    The Caciocavallo Ragusano is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, for the particular production, the seasoning (riding a beam) and an extraordinary taste. We will go in a typical farmhouse of Ragusa to assist the production of dairy products: we’ll enjoy these delights and other specialties of the country kitchen
    Cacio cavallo

    Pastry laboratory

    Sicilian sweets are renowned worldwide: almond pastes, cannoli with ricotta, granita, the cassata. We’ll see the preparation of chocolate of Modica, we’ll enjoy the taste of cocoa before processing and its evolution to the palate when it’ll be spiced with cinnamon, vanilla or with spicy chilli.
    Laboratorio dolciario